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Hoang Bui
Postdoctoral Associate
Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute
Rutgers University

About me:

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Rutgers Discovery Informatics Institute at Rutgers University. I am a member of The Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center. My mentor is Dr. Manish Parashar. Before joining Rutgers, I earned my PhD from the University of Notre Dame. My current research focuses on big data analysis. More specifically, I am building a data staging framework for scientific simulation in HPC environment.

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News and Updates

November, 20th 2014: Paper at SC 2014

Qian Sun presented our paper in PDAC workshop at SC 2014

November, 15th 2014: Reviews submitted to TPDS, TC and CCPE

In mid October, I was invited to review three journal articles for TPDS, and TC and CCPE

April, 2nd 2014: Invited to be a PC member for Big Data 14

I was invited to served as a PC member for Big Data 2014

November, 15th-21st 2013: Super Computing

I attended SC13 in Denver, CO from 15th to 21st of November SC 13

August, 19th 2013: Presentation at ADIOS Code Sprint

I gave a talk titled "Data Staging with DataSpaces" for ADIOS Code Sprint at ORNL